Alessandro De Besi

Born in Rome on 5 April 1956.

He has been Chairman of European Insurance Broker Consortium since 1996.

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How we work

  • Prompt services

    E.I.B. local and regional presence allows to provide a prompt service everywhere.
  • Preliminary study

    Risk identification (property damage; personal injury; liability damage; loss or reduction of production) and possible causes; Assessment of risks and probable consequential losses); Risk mitigation (safety and preventive measures; improvement of Company internal organization; transfer of risks: self-insurance, non-insurance); Insurance of residual risks (restructuring of existing policies, taking out of any missing policies, based on cost and step-by-step actions agreed with the company).
  • Development of a tailor-made insurance package

    In case of new contracts, annual policies are envisaged, allowing periodical review of rates and rules based on client's needs and market trends. Clear, transparent and flexible policies with a view to ensuring the maximum effectiveness in case of claim.
  • Management of insurance package

    Provision of the following services: notification of policy expiry dates, premium payment deadlines, changes to policy terms. Claim management in collaboration with the client, negotiations with Insurance Companies and Assessors to close settlements promptly and fairly.
  • Consistent services

    The E.I.B. broker guarantees the same timely, prompt and exemplary professional service all over Europe.
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  • Cineas

  • Cineas
  • E.I.B. Consortium has become a memebr of CINEAS, and actively participates in CINEAS life, being involved, through its authorised representative, in the intersectoral working group and in the Board of Directors….


Our figures


Over € 120,000,000.00



Over 95%

in non-life


35 professional brokers

in section B of RUI - Register of Insurance and Re-insurance Brokers

Institutional life

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01 January 2015

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15 April 2014

"Cineas" E.I.B. Consortium has become a memebr of CINEAS, and actively participates in CINEAS life,...

Consortium Statutes

01 September 2006

"E.I.B. Consortium Statutes " Statutes of E.I.B. - EUROPEAN INSURANCE BROKER Consortium, September ...

United in total autonomy

09 November 2001

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The 10-year Anniversary of E...

09 October 2001

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Our Vision

 .....Team cooperation for professional excellence.

Alessandro De Besi


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